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Precast U Ditch Machine

Product name Precast concrete ditch machine
Model No. YXPC-750
Power 10.5KW
Hydraulic tank 100L
Pressure 10Mpa
Mold size customized
Weight 1800kg
Dimension 1.8*1.1*2.6m

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Precast U Ditch Machine can produce concrete water canals and channels and for agricultural irrigation projects. According to the grinding tool, the equipment can be prefabricated into the corresponding shape of concrete u-shaped groove, trapezoidal groove and other shapes.

Precase U ditch moldiing machine
Precase U ditch moldiing machine
Molding parts of precase U ditch machine
Molding parts of precase U ditch machine

U-shaped Forming Technical Characteristics And Performance:

The perfect combination of high amplitude vibration of 1.5-2.2 kw and hydraulic pressure is adopted to force the molding of the water-cement ratio of the mixed cement,stone and sand and all kinds of concrete.

The machine has reasonable structure design, smooth lines, easy maintenance and low operating cost.

The precast concrete U-shaped drain making machine adopts the classified oil tank structure. It avoids the phenomenon of insufficient heat dissipation of hydraulic oil due to the high temperature in summer. And thus greatly improves the service life and unnecessary energy consumption of the machine.

This machine can make the mould under the full amplitude vibration state. And the machine body has no vibration and little noise.

Precase mold
Mold size and shape can be customized
Product namePrecast concrete ditch machine
Model No.YXPC-750
Hydraulic tank100L
Mold sizecustomized

Precast Concrete U Ditch Forming machine Features:

1. Apply the corresponding strength pressure to make the U-shaped mould have more resistant to pressure.

2. Precast concrete U ditch forming machine can make mould quickly, and improve the quality of production. It can customized various floor tiles, kerbstone and u-shaped mould according to the requirements to make it multi-functional, fully play the role of a multi-purpose machine.

3. The precast concrete U-shaped drain making machine occupies a small area, and the production process can be moved at any time, and the work efficiency is greatly improved.

Applications of precase ditch machine
Applications of precase ditch machine

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