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Curb machine

Curb Machine used in Road side curb paving project or lanscape kerb making work.Curb size can be customized according to your drawings.

Extruding type curb paving machine is perfect for asphalt curb project.And its special auger blade working type can also produce concrete curbs. Mainly for small curbs under 30cm width and 30cm height.

The major part is 4 auger blades,asphalt material drop into the auger house, then extruded out by blades to a certain mold.Then to form a asphalt curb.

Slipform kerb machine can only produce concrete curbs.Max 1.5m width and 40cm height.Concrete tanker loading material directly.Saving manpower.

Slipform road kerb paver works faster than extruding type. By adding height sensor and steering sensor,it can move automatically according to the steel line. No need control the steering by workers.The other advantage is slipform concrete curb machine can used high slump concrete.

Workable Material: Asphalt curb/concrete curb.

Power type: Diesel/Gasoline

Model No.:

Extrude  Type: LSD-250/LSD-350

Slipform Type: HMJ-600/HMJ-1000/HMJ-2000