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Henan Sinch Machinery Co.,Ltd located in Jiaozuo,Henan,China. Mainly produce Steel beam bending machine, concrete spray machine, shotcrete machine,ditch paving machine,curbing machine,concrete canel forming machine.

Mainly serving various road projects and tunnel projects.Like highway side ditch, roadside stone, drainage ditch, mixed support of I-beam and concrete in the tunnel.

Our products have been sold to USA, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Cambodia, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Fiji, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, etc.

CRTG (China Railway Tunnel Group),CRCG(China Railway Construction Group Co.,Ltd.), Sinohydro Group Ltd are all our customers and having projects all over the world. More

Beam Bender


TK700 Wet Shotcrete Machine

TK700 Wet shotcrete machine is Piston type feeding system. To ensure wet concrete flow in the machine evenly and no blocking . Concrete and steel fiber all workable. Stable wet shotcrete performance and less wearing parts than rotor type. TK700 wet shotcrete machine working video TK700 in factory It is widel ... + Read more

Concrete Spray Machine

Concrete spray machine is also called shotcrete machine. ... + Read more

Pneumatic shotcrete machine

Pneumatic shotcrete machine using pneumatic power to drive shotcrete machine.No need electric power. Need to work with air compressor.To spray dry concrete or moist mix concrete form shotcrete machine to surface or to roofs. ... + Read more

Diesel Shotcrete Machine

Diesel Shotcrete Machine is also one kind of concrete spray machine, just becuase it is using diesel engine for dry shotcrete or wet shotcrete spray work. Diesel concrete spraying machine is suitable for project can not get electric power supply.It is commonly used together diesel air compressor. Diesel type shotcrete ... + Read more

Shotcrete Spare Parts

tcrete machine spare parts including: shotcrete hose,rubber plate,steel plate,shotcrete nozzle and nozzle seat,rubber elboe,cone,material cavity,couplings and clamps,pressing devide, rotor body etc. ... + Read more

Wet Shotcrete Machine

Wet shocrete machine or wet concrete spray machine is a different type from dry shotcrete machine or dry concrete spray machine. The applicable material can be dry mixed concrete or wet miexed concrete.(cement+sand+stone under 15mm).The power type can be electric power,diesel power or air motor power.Depends on your wo ... + Read more

Dry Shotcrete Machine

Dry Shotcrete Machine is dry concrete spray machine.It can shoot dry and damp concrete from shotcrete machine onto walls,roofs,slopes,swimming pools,tunnels,culvert,subway,mine,building construction for protection or reinforcement. Dry concrete sprayer can use electric power or disel power,with air driven.Feed dry mixe ... + Read more