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H Beam Bending Machine

Model No WGJ-250
Steel size 200#H beam
Oil cylinder working speed 1-13mm/s
Power 12Kw/380V/3phase
Main driving wheel rotating speed 7r/min
Min bending diameter 2M
Hydraulic system pressure 20Mpa
Hydraulic oil 46#/68# antiwear hydraulic oil
Dimension 2500*1500*1200mm
Weight 2380kg

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H beam bending machine can bend H beam vertical bending H beam flat bending,or called easy way bending and hard way bending.T shape steel beam bending,C channel steel bending in one combined mold.No need to change mold for different shape.

H beam in vertical bending need to make 2 curves on 3 rollers to make sure the beam can fixed into rollers tightly and properly.

H beam bending machine
H beam bending machine
Bending ways
Bending ways
h beam bending machine
various bending work

Technical data of H beam bending machine:

Model NoWGJ-250
H beam size175#H beam
Oil cylinder working speed1-13mm/s
Main driving wheel rotating speed7r/min
Min bending diameter2M
Hydraulic system pressure20Mpa
Hydraulic oil46#/68# antiwear hydraulic oil

Difference of I beam bender and H beam bender:

From the structure, they are the same. Only because H beam is nornally high and narrow,H beam width and height is same. When you order a I beam bender can bend 250# I beam in flat way, the roller height only needs to be 125mm. But if you bend a 250# H beam, the roller height need to be in 250mm. So if your have several Beam size bending in one machine,we have to clear the beam size one by one and the confirm the bending ways.

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