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Wet Shotcrete Machine

Model no GSP-7
Flow 7m3/h 
Pressure 0.6~0.8MPa
Power (380V/3phase) 7.5KW
Maximum aggregate size 20mm 
Outlet diameter 57mm 
Air consumption 10-15m3
Transmission distance 30M
Transmission height 20M
Loading height 1.2m 
Weight 950KG  
Dimension 2.1*0.9*1.25m

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Wet shotcrete machine means wet mixed concrete spraying machine.It’s commonly used in tunnel lining,slope reinforcement,swimming pools,dams construction,etc.You will need an air compressor in your working site to help concrete spray out.

We have 3 small types wet type shotcrete machines:

GSP-7 Rotor type wet mix shotcrete machine

TK700 Piston type wet concrete spray machine

GYP-90 Hydraulic type wet shotcrete pump

wet shotcrete machine
Wet shotcrete machine

GSP-7 Rotor type wet mix shotcrete machine is the most cheap and the smallest wet concrete spray machine.It refers to a type using rotor body to carry concrete in materical chamber and drop into output port. Then spray out by air hose.

GSP-7 wet shotcrete machine
GSP-7 wet shotcrete machine/color can be customized

Technical data of GSP-7 wet concrete spray machine:

Model no GSP-7
Output volume 7m3/h 
Pressure 0.6~0.8MPa
Power 7.5KW/ 380V/3phase
Maximum aggregate size 15mm
Outlet hose diameter 57mm
Air consumption 10-15m3
Transmission distance /height30m/20m
Weight 850KG 
Dimension 2.1*0.9*1.25m


1.Small size,easy to move.

2.Cheap price compare with TK700 and GYP-90.

3.Regularly used for many years,easy to find spare part in local stor.

GSP-7 wet concrete spray machin
GSP-7 wet concrete spray machine
GSP-7 wet mix shotcrete machine
GSP-7 wet mix shotcrete machine

Free spare part list:

NoFree spare partsDetailsQTYUnit
1Nozzle+nozzle seat51mm/57mm1 set
2Couplings 51mm/57mm 1 set
3Accelerator hose 15m 1 pcs
4Tools1 set

Wearing parts of GSP-7:

Wearing parts of GSP-7
Wearing parts of GSP-7

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