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Water canal making machine

Machine name water canal making machine
Move type Traction/Automatic
Power 24/30KW options
Engine Diesel Gasoline
Hydraulic pressure 20Mpa
Hydraulic tank 120L
Hydraulic pump 5.5Kw
Vibrator power 2.2kw
Feeding power 1.5Kw
Working speed 300-500m/day
Workers need 4-5 person

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Water canal making machine has hydraulic squeezing type and traction type.Like below picture.Canal size and shape customized. The canal wide from 30CM to 5M all workable,canal depth from 15cm to 2m all workable.

water canal making machine
Water canal making machine

For hydraulic squeezing type water canal machine,it including: hydraulic pushing system,diesel generator system,feeding system,the main machine-concrete paving system and digging bucket.

For traction type water canal paverm,it’s including: traction system,diesel generator system,vibrating system,moding part and digging bucket.

Working method:

Hydraulic type water canal paver using diesel engine to start the motor,motor drives the hydraulic pump ,hydraulic cylinder in the machine can move forward and backward to press and squeeze the concrete into molds.In the mean time , the back force will make the machine move forward. Walking along with the channel put at 2 sides.

canal paving machine
canal paving machine

Traction type canal liner machine use a traction system to pull the machine moving forward.In the mean time, using vibrator to drop concrete into different mold to forming concrete ditches continuously.

Canal liner

Woking process:

  1. Lavel and compact the ground
  2. Digging canals
  3. Setting canal paver and moving track
  4. Feeding concrete into water canal machine
  5. Forming concrete canal continuously
  6. Concrete curing work.(polish the surface if needed.)
water canal paving machine working process
water canal paving machine working process

Advantages Of Automatic Water Canal Making Machine:

  1. 30~500m per 8 hours,saving time and saving manpower.
  2. Powerful system.wide applications.
  3. Finished canal is strong and smooth.
Concrete canal making machine
Concrete canal making machine

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