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Water canal making machine

Water canal making machine is also called water canal paving machine,concrete canal lining machine.

According to different canal shapes ,we have V shape/U shape/Square shape/Trapezoidal shape or other customized shape.

According to working method, we have Traction moving type and Hydraylic squeezing forming type.

Traction type is moving by a traction system.Then vibrating concrete into different molds to moding concrete water canals.

Hydraulic squeezing type water canal making machine is useing hydraulic power to push and squeezing concrete,then use the back force to move automatically.  

Before making concrete canal lining,need to use a customized digging bucket to digging the ground first.To make sure the final concrete canal is smooth and good looking.

Shape: V/U /Square/Trapezoidal or customize.

Workable size: Max width 5meters, max height 2meters.

Working speed:300~500m/day.

Workers: 3-5 person.

Note: Need to see your drawings first.