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U Beam Rolling Bending Machine

Product U beam steel bending machine
Applicable material 25U/29U/36U
U beam radius ≥1100mm
Bending speed 0-4.3m/min
Temperature 0-400degree
Oil temperature ≦650degree
Main pump station 30KW/120L/min/16mpa
Vice pump station 18.5KW/48L/min/20mpa
Lubrication pump station 0.55KW/3.7L/min/2mpa
Dimention 3800*3200*1450 mm

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U beam rolling bending machine is a machine combined with rolling and forming function together to bending 25U/29U/36U beam into arc shape. Setting radius by CNC program.High precision and save time.

U beam rolling bending machine
U beam rolling bending machine
U beam correction
U beam bender


1.High production efficiency,suitable for mass production. Using 4 rollers pressing,rollers rotation drive U beam,to achieve a combination of linear and curved motion. One time feeding,one time finish.

2.Production of high precision,bending radius can be adjusted freely.Completely solve the molding machine by manual operation experience and skills to determine the radius of curvature and chord length of this problem.

3.Low labor intensity.

4.Easy operation.

5.Suitable for forming high-strength steel.

6.Save cost and save time.no need to change mold, one machine can produce 3 size U beam,25U/29U/36U.

U beam in production
U beam production

Technical specifications:

ProductU beam steel bending machine
Applicable material25U/29U/36U
U beam radius≥1100mm
Bending speed0-4.3m/min
Oil temperature≦650degree
Main pump station30KW/120L/min/16mpa
Vice pump station18.5KW/48L/min/20mpa
Lubrication pump station0.55KW/3.7L/min/2mpa
Dimention3800*3200*1450 mm
Loading of u beam bending machine
Loading of u beam bender
Applications of U beam
Applications of U beam



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