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TK700 Wet Shotcrete Machine

Model No TK700  
Capacity 7m3/h
Motor power 7.5KW/380V/50Hz
Max aggragate size 15mm
Hose ID 57mm
Working pressure 0.4~0.6Mpa
Air consumption ≥12m3/h
Max convey distance/height 40m/15m
Dimension 2250*1050*1250mm
Weight 1500kg

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TK700 Wet shotcrete machine can only spray wet mixed concrete.Different with rotor type , TK700 adopts piston type feeding system,making wet concrete flow in the machine evenly and no blocking . Concrete and steel fiber all workable. Less wearing parts and more stable.

TK700 Wet Shotcrete is widely used in mine,tunnel,hydro power,soil nail project,slope supporting,etc.

TK700 wet shotcrete sprayer
TK700 left side look
TK700 shotcrete pump
TK700 right side look-control panal
TK700 concrete spray machine
TK700 wet shotcrete machine in factory

TK700 concrete spray machine Technical data:

Model No TK700 Concrete slump 10~18
Capacity 7m3/h System pressure 0.6MPa
Material wet concrete Working pressure 0.4~0.6Mpa
Motor power 7.5KW Air consumption ≥12m3/h
Max aggragate size 15mm Max convey distance 40m
Liquid accelerator 0~7% Max convey height 15m
Hose ID 57mm Weight 1500kg
Rebond rate average≤18% Dimension 2250*1050*1250mm

TK700 has two sets conveying systems. 

One is a concrete conveying system, the finished concrete mixing from the concrete mixer enters from the shotcrete machine hopper and evenly sent to the air-material mixing bin through the feeding system. And after being mixed with the high-pressure air, it will become rarefied flow state then pass through the injection pipe to the nozzle.

The other is the liquid accelerator addition system, which adjusts the flow rate of the metering pump according to the content of the liquid accelerator. The liquid accelerator is mixed with the high pressure air through the atomizer, atomized to the mixing ring of the nozzle and mixed with the concrete in the rarefied flow state, and sprayed from the nozzle to the spray surface.

Free spare parts list:

Free accessories list
Free accessories list of TK700 wet shotcrete machine
TK700 in working site
TK700 in working site

User guide of TK700 wet shotcrete machine:

  1. Before use,please add lubricating oil to Cam.
  2. Do not start the machine if system air pressure under 0.5Mpa.
  3. Start and stop machine must according to operating requests strictly.
  4. Max aggregate size can not bigger than 15mm.
  5. Change the Cam oil regularly and clear the inner side regularly.
  6. Change the reducer oil every 3 month.
  7. During shotcrete work,make sure no blocking at the leaking port.
  8. Before spray,make sure the air to nozzle is smooth.
  9. If any blocking,stop the main power immediately.
  10. After spray,clean the accelerator system and hose by water.
  11. After spray,must open the machine and clean it thoroughly.

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