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KB Curb Machine

Model No. KB 3 KB4 KB6
Power 15 hp 8.5KW 12KW
Workable width 250mm 750mm 1000mm
Workable  height 200mm 400mm 500mm
Hopper volume 0.2m3 0.3m3 0.4m3
Paving speed 1-3m/min 1.4-7m/min 1m-10m/min
Weight 500kg 1000kg 1500kg
Dimension 2000*1200m*1200mm 2500*1850*1100mm 2700*2100*1200mm

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KB series small curb machine, workable concrete curb size from 5cm~100cm.

KB3 curb machine adopts screw type working theory, using auger blades to squeeze concrete to curb molds,then forming concrete curbs.

Specially designed hopper, even if the guardrail panels have been installed, water retaining strips (curbs) can still be constructed. The blades of the screw feeder (auger) adopt thickened wear-resistant plates, and the imported wear-resistant welding wire is cladded in the front section (the blades have higher wear resistance and longer service life).

Model No.KB3KB4KB6
Power15 hp8.5KW12KW
Workable width250mm750mm1000mm
Workable  height200mm400mm500mm
Hopper volume0.2m30.3m30.4m3
Paving&transition speed1-3m/min1.4-7m/min1m-10m/min

KB4 and KB6 concrete curb machine adopts vibrating slipform paving theory. Using vibrating to feed and compact the concrete in curb molds.Then slipform different shapes of curbs.

KB4 concrete curb machine
KB4 concrete curb machine

Working site :

KB6 Slipform curb machine
KB6 Slipform curb machine
KB6 concrete curb paving machine
KB6 curb machine in factory


1. Integrated hydraulic power unit (compact structure).

2. Rear two-wheel drive, tire diameter 55cm, curbs with good flatness, tires with stronger grip.

3. The rear axle adopts an exclusive “seesaw” design, which ensures that the two drive wheels are always close to the working surface regardless of whether the working surface is flat or not, providing long-lasting grip.

4. Standard and exclusive patented ‘Anti-rolling self-locking’ function. During the construction process, no matter whether it is going uphill or downhill, there is no need to apply the brakes. The machine automatically maintains the set walking speed, thereby ensuring the construction effect and eliminating potential safety hazards.

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