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Slipform Ditch Paving Machine

Model No Customize
Move type Traction/Automatic
Power 24/30KW options
Engine Diesel Gasoline
Hydraulic pressure 20Mpa
Hydraulic tank 120L
Hydraulic pump 5.5Kw
Vibrator power 2.2kw
Feeding power 1.5Kw
Working speed 300-500m/day
Workers need 4-5 person

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Slipform Ditch Paving Machine application : highway side ditch, irrigation channel, drainage ditch, groove and so on. (There must be 20cm wide walking track on both sides).
The components of the canal machine: hydraulic pump station, complete set of molds, diesel generators, each component has its irreplaceable role, diesel generator and hydraulic pump station is the main system part, the mold is the molding part.

slipform paving machine
Different shape ditch paving machine
Different shape concrete ditch paving machine
Slipform ditch paving machine

Using manpower to make ditch,only 10 meter per day,the labor is too expensive. Using slipform concrete paving machine,4 person can produce 300 meters per day.

concrete ditch making machine
Square shape,U shape and Trapezoidal ditch effect
ditch paver
Square shape,U shape and Trapezoidal ditch effect
ditch digging bucket
Digging bucket
ditch and canal paving machine
Ditch and canal drawings
slipform paving machine
Slipform working process

Slipform working process :

1. The artificial or excavator cooperates with a special bucket to excavate the foundation of the canal;

2. Place the cast-in-place water channel machine at the starting position of the soil type in the excavated channel;

3. Feeding, turning on the machine, starting to make the cast-in-place forming of the canal;

4. According to the drawing design, make the expansion joint cutting;

5. After the ditch is formed, do daily maintenance.