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Slipform Concrete Kerb Machine HMJ-600/1000

Model No. HMJ-600 HMJ-1000 HMJ-1000A
(auto loading)
Diesel power 15HP(10Kw) 20HP(15Kw) 25HP(20Kw)
Max size 600mm/300mm 900mm/300mm 900mm/300mm
Moving speed 1~12m/min 1~15m/min 1~15m/min
Paving speed 0.5~2.5m/min 1~3.5m/min 1~3.5m/min
Steer sensor options yes yes
Level sensor options yes yes
Hopper 0.3m³ 0.4m³ 0.4m³
Dimesion 2200*1350*1500mm 2900*1400*1400mm 2900*1600*1900mm
Weight 1300kg 1800kg 2100kg

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Slipform Concrete Kerb Machine:

Slipform concrete kerb machine is bigger than extruding type curb machine.It is using vibrating rods and slip form molds to make concrete into curbs. Curb size can be customized from 100mm to 900mm.It is also called road curb machine, concrete kerb paver,kerb paving machine,curb maker,etc.

We have 3 model numbers os slipform curb paver:


HMJ-600 can produce max 600mm wide concrete curbs,10kw power.And 1 vibrating rod.

HMJ-600 Slipform concrete kerb maker
HMJ-600 Slipform concrete kerb maker


HMJ-1000 max curb size 900mm wide,15KW power ,with 2 vibrating rods.1 or 2 sensor options.

HMJ-1000 Slipfrom kerb paving machine
HMJ-1000 Slipfrom kerb paving machine


HMJ-1000A max curb size 900mm wide,20KW power (including 1 automatic loading motor),with 2 vibrating rods. It is more efficiancy than HMJ-600 and 1000. 1 or 2 sensor options.

 HMJ-1000A automatic loading Slipfrom curb stone making machine
HMJ-1000A automatic loading Slipfrom curb stone making machine

Specifications of curb slipform machine:

Specifications of concrete curb machine
Specifications of concrete curb machine

Features of concrete kerb machine:

1.Mold size customized.Mold part can be replaced easily.

2.Working speed adjustable.

3. Level sensor and steering sensor options.You can choose to have 1 steering sensor or both steer and level sensor.

4.Mold part can move up and down freely according to your working conditions.

Details of slipform curb maker:

slip form curb paving machine
Steering sensor and leveling sensor show
Concrete curb machine
Different curb molds
concrete kerb machine
Different concrete curbs show

Working video of curb stone making machine:

Slipform curb machine working video
Slip form curb paver
Slip form curb paver
concrete road curb paving machine
concrete curb paving machine vibrating rods

As slipform curb machine can only product concrete curbs, if you need machine to do asphalt road curbs, we have LSD-250/300 extruding type asphalt curb making machine.See below picture. Mold size customized.

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