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Slipform Kerb Machine

Model HMJ-800
Power type Regular diesel engine 20hp
Generator 15Kw
Operating speed 2-3m/min
Width interval 100~700mm
Height interval 100~400mm
Applied materials Concrete
Mould Customization,2 days
Efficiency 2-4m/min
Hopper capacity 0.4CBM
Wearing parts Model
Size 2900*1900*1400mm
Weight 1600kg

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Slipform Kerb Machine

Slipform kerb machine introduction:

With the development of expressway and domestic mechanical manufacturing technology, Slipform kerb machine machine equipment technology has been introduced to China from abroad, which has been applied to highway kerb construction and broken through the traditional manufacturing mode. With extremely high site versatility, it can adapt to all kinds of harsh working conditions. It can be produced on site, thus eliminating the need to rent the prefabrication site and the pre-preparation work. And avoiding the waste of materials in the prefabrication process and the loss in the transportation and site installation.

kerb machine

kerb machine

Product Advantage:

The production of kerb machine breaks the original operation mode and produces on site, which avoids the waste of prefabricated materials, as well as the loss during transportation and site installation, and saves by about 30% of raw materials. Based on the calculation of kerb of 1m3 concrete, kerb machine has obvious advantages of labor saving, material saving and time saving compared with the traditional prefabrication process, and the cost is saved by about 25%-35%.

Technological Advantage:

As the kerb machine is directly in the field slipping mold forming kerb, and can be embedded in the ground as the foundation.Therefore, the formed kerb is not only linear and beautiful appearance, but also has a high impact strength and stability, and its overall strength and stability is incomparable with the traditional kerb prefabrication technology. In the traditional prefabrication process of producing kerb, because of the site installation process, kerb can only be simply filled and beautified between each other, and the soil change of different foundation, the change of pressure inside and outside the road and other factors make kerb will become stagger without affected by external forces, directly affecting the appearance.If it get hit, the consequences are even worse.

In a word, the advantages of kerb machine are high efficiency, beautiful appearance, low cost and high quality.

Slipform kerb machine application

Slipform kerb machine application

Operating principle:

1.The mixed concrete is put into the shoulder slipform kerb machine. And the concrete material is molded into the custom mould by vibrating rod vibration. At the same time, the concrete material is molded by vibration and slippling mode. Put the mixed concrete into the slipform kerb machine, vibrate the material through the vibration rod. And make the concrete material into the customized mold. Then through vibration and slipping at the same time, the kerb are made.

2.The machine is equipped with a high sensitivity sensor. And the steel wire is set on the ground. The sensor can turn automatically through the steel wire.

3.The machine is provided with a diesel generator set which can walk automatic, and does not need auxiliary force or artificial pull.

4.The size of road shoulder can be changed by changing the shape of the mould.

Work Advantages:

1.The working speed is fast, and the speed can be adjusted according to the working condition.

2.The kerb embedded below the road surface may also be paved.

3.The kerb has good compactness.

Slipform kerb machine

Slipform kerb machine

The usage of slipform kerb machine:

1.The use of slipform kerb machine along the road must be guaranteed to be carried out on the smooth road surface.

2.Before the slipform kerb machine is used, adjust the position of the machine so that the mould is exactly aimed at the position of the kerb to be made.Make lineation according to mold and road edge.

3.When the walking motor of the slipform kerb machine along the road turns to be stable, start the vibration motor and the artificial vibration head to make it vibrate. The feeding personnel of the hopper will feed into the mold at any time to make the hopper as full as possible so as to facilitate the molding.

4.Start the governor of the speed regulating motor, and the speed depends on the feeding situation.

Raw material requirements for the construction of Slipform kerb machine machine:

1.Coarse aggregate. Using hard texture, high strength, wear-resistant and clean gravel. The content of needle flake particle should not be more than 15% and maximum particle size should not exceed 20 mm.

2.Fine aggregate.The river sand with good gradation, clean and smaller particle size than 5mm is adopted. Cement should be low grade ordinary portland cement, slag cement or fly ash cement. And cement can not be dampened or stored for a long time.

Various moulds of the slipform machine

Various moulds of the slipform machine

One machine with multiple moulds

One machine with multiple moulds