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Portable Rust cleaning machine

Model No ST-200 ST-400
Applicable material steel plate, color steel tile steel plate, H beam,I beam
Workable size Wide 200mm, height 100mm Wide 400mm, height 100mm
Motor power 2.2KW/380V/50HZ/3phase 2.2KW/220V/50HZ/1phase 4KW/380V/50HZ/3phase
Rotating speed 1000r/m 1000r/m
Weight 60KG 160KG
Size 400*400*900mm 600*600*900mm

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Portable Rust cleaning machine can be used as steel plate rust removal work and H beam rust cleaning work. Many rusty steel can not be used or even transported, before the use of steel or profile construction, must go through the surface rust removal treatment.This machine is specially used to remove rust from the surface of steel. Can deal with I-beam, H-beam, large steel plate, channel steel, deck,etc.

rust removal machine
rust removal machine

Other Industry Applications:

Hardware, electroplating, furniture, standard parts, auto parts and hydraulic transmission and other manufacturing industries. Used for grinding or rust removal, rust removal and paint removal on the surface of various round tubes, bars, shafts and bars, especially for fine rust removal of workpieces processed by centerless cylindrical grinder. This machine has the characteristics of simple and convenient operation, stable product performance and low noise.

rust cleaning machine
rust cleaning machine
Deruster brush
Deruster brush


Model No:ST-400ST-200
Applicable   material steel plate/H beam/   I beam / roof /deck steel plate/H beam/   I beam / roof /deck
Workable sizeWide 400mm   height 100mm Wide 200mm   height 100mm
Motor power:4KW/380V/50HZ/3phase2.2KW/380V/50HZ/3phase  
2.2KW/220V/50HZ single phase
Rotating speed:1000r/m1000r/m


1. It can carry out high quality derusting operation on the surface of square materials such as copper, iron, aluminum and stainless steel.

2. According to the different requirements of the workpiece, we can choose different materials and grinding consumables, and work continuously on the workpiece from rough machining to fine machining, so as to achieve the surface treatment effect of the workpiece.

3. Recommended grinding consumables: steel wheel.

warehouse of rust cleaning machine
warehouse of rust cleaning machine

Working effect demonstration of ST-200

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