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Road Shot Blasting machine

Clean width 270mm(11inch) 550mm(22inch) 850mm (33inch)
Motor 11kw 2*11kw 2*15kw
Walking speed 0.5-20m/min 0.5-20m/min 0.5-20m/min
Steel balls consumption 100g/min 100g/min 100g/min
Steel ball flow max 250Kg/min max 250Kg/min max 250Kg/min
Clean thickness 3mm 3mm 3mm
Concrete surface clean efficiancy ≥100㎡/h  1000ft2/h ≥250㎡/h 2500 ft2/h ≥350㎡/h 3500ft2/h
Steel surface rust clean efficiancy ≥30㎡/h 300ft2/h   ≥60㎡/h 600ft2/h ≥100㎡/h 1000ft2/h
Recycle mode automatic automatic automatic
Blaster Dimension 1000*300*1100mm 2050 *780 *1150mm 2050 *980 *1150mm
Weight 470KG 700kg 1020kg

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Road Shot blasting machine referring to the mechanical method casts shooting shot material (steel shot or steel grit) to the working surface at a high speed and a certain angle. It mainly solves the defects of concrete surface treatment. It can once the concrete surface of floating slurry, impurities clean up, and can be on the concrete surface of the roughing treatment, make its surface uniform rough.The adhesion strength of waterproof layer and concrete base is greatly improved in order to better combine the waterproof layer and the bridge deck. At the same time, it can fully expose the crack of concrete, play a preventive role.

shot blaster
Road shot blasting machine
vacuum cleaner
vacuum cleaner

Pellet high speed impact on the working surface, and then in the machine through the matching car washing machine airflow cleaning function, the pellet and the impurities will be recovered respectively, after the separation of the pellet in the machine to continue to recycle the use of technology.

The dust remover provides internal negative pressure and separates the airflow, and collects impurities and dust after separation.

Shot blasteing machine structure
Shot blaster structure

Technical data of Road shot blasting machine:

Model NoPWJ270PWJ550PWJ850
Clean width270mm
Walking speed0.5-20m/min0.5-20m/min0.5-20m/min
Steel balls consumption100g/min100g/min100g/min
Steel ball flowmax 250Kg/minmax 250Kg/minmax 250Kg/min
Clean thickness3mm3mm3mm
Concrete clean≥100㎡/h 
2500 ft2/h
Steel clean ≥30㎡/h
Recycle modeautomaticautomaticautomatic
Blaster size (mm)1000*300*11002050*780*11502050*980*1150
Vacuum typeAutomatic blowbackAutomatic blowbackAutomatic blowback
Dust hose size150 mm 
(6 inch)
150 mm 
(6 inch)
150 mm 
(6 inch)
Vacuum size2050*870*15002050*870*15002050*870*1500

Features of road shot blasting machine:

1. The walking speed can be adjusted and fixed.

2. The slower the walking, the higher the depth and density.

3. The bigger the pellet flow, the higher the cleaning efficiency.

4. The size of the pellet flow is shown by the motor load value.

According to the experiment of roughness effect, the pellet flow rate and shape velocity were determined.

Shot blasting machine applications:

shot blasting machine
Applications of shot blasting machine

Concrete Shot blasting machine packing details:

shot blaster
packing of concrete shot blasting machine

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