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NC1300/1600/1800 curb machine

Model No. NC 1300 NC 1600 NC 1800
Rated power/speed: 92kW/2200r/min 92kW/2200r/min 97kW/2300r/min
Diesel tank capacity: 360L 360L 360L
Maximum paving height: 1300mm 1600mm 1800mm
Maximum paving width: 2000mm 2500mm 3000mm
Vibrating rod frequency: 0~200hz 0~200hz 0~200hz
Overall dimensions: 6800×2650×3000mm 7450×3000×3000mm 7750×3000×2970mm
Weight: 13000 Kg 14000 Kg 15000 Kg

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NC1300/1600/1800 curb machine series multifunctional slip-form paver is a multi-purpose concrete construction equipment. Based on the characteristic of multi-purpose, it can realize various mold configuration methods and is widely used in the construction fields of road drainage ditch, drain tank, curb, shoulder stone, concrete barriers and irrigation canal.

The machine is featured with large power reserve, full electronic control, full hydraulic power drive, proportional control and three-track walking, and is equipped with an automatic steering and leveling control system, so it can complete the vibration, paving, extrusion and other technological processes of concrete structures at one time.

NC1800 canal paver
NC1800 canal paver
concrete slope paver
concrete slope paver
NC1600 Jersey Barrier
NC1600 Jersey Barrier
Model No.NC 1300NC 1600NC 1800
Rated power/speed:92kW/2200r/min92kW/2200r/min97kW/2300r/min
Diesel tank capacity:360L360L360L
Maximum paving height:1300mm1600mm1800mm
Maximum paving width:2000mm2500mm3000mm
Vibrating rod frequency:0~200hz0~200hz0~200hz
Overall dimensions:6800×2650×3000mm7450×3000×3000mm7750×3000×2970mm
Weight:13000 Kg14000 Kg15000 Kg

NC1300/1600/1800 curb machine control console is featured with humanized design, human-computer interaction control screen and clear graphic identification symbol, so that the operation of the paver is simple, easy and free. Moreover, there is an alternate remote control device.

The steering and lifting is featured with hydraulic control, and is equipped with two sensors of longitudinal slope, a sensor of transverse slope and two steering sensors. Moreover, the sensor and the controller are communicated by CAN bus, so as to improve the response speed and stability of the equipment, ensure accurate linear control, and achieve superimposed paving.

NC1300/1600/1800 curb machine can be customized according to the needs of working conditions, right side paving and middle paving can be realized, the mold fixing device is featured with hydraulic horizontal and vertical adjustment, and all kinds of molds can be replaced quickly.

NC1300 curb machine
NC1300 curb machine

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