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Kerb Machine

Product Name Curb machine
Model No. LSD-Y
Power Diesel engine 15HP
Suitable material Aspalt,concrete
Max curb size 35*35cm
Min curb size 12*10cm
Working speed 2-3m/min
Hopper volume 0.2CBM
Weight 560KG
Dimension 1.8*1.1*1.2m

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Kerb machine introduction:

Kerb machine is curb machine or slipform curb paving machine.For concrete curb, it is cast in place working type.Used in garden curb stone, decoration curb making or roadside water strip extruding machine.The working material can be asphalt or concrete .


1. According to the power mode: diesel and pneumatic – this paragraph is diesel.
2. According to the machine lifting adjustment method: manual and hydraulic.

Concrete kerb machine and wearing parts

Concrete kerb machine and wearing parts


1. Compact, compact and easy to construct

2. Both tar sands and concrete can be used.

3. The mold size can be customized to meet different sizes of water blocking belt construction.

Kerb Making Machine Details:

Kerb machine *1

Tool box *1

Diesel engine crank*1

Auger blade: according to your needs

Mold*1 (installed on kerb machine)


The machine consists of: main frame, feed hopper, diesel engine, reducer, cylinder, screw shaft and blade, mold, hydraulic system, drawbar and other parts.

Kerb machine packing

Kerb machine packing

Packing details:

Inland packing: plastic film

Export packing: plywood case

Asphalt Kerb paving machine

Asphalt Kerb paving machine

Working principle:

A spiral blade is installed in front of the molding die, and the reducer is driven by the diesel engine. The spiral shaft and the blade are continuously rotated by the chain, and the concrete/asphalt sand is continuously pushed into the molding die to extrude the water blocking belt. The reaction of cement concrete (asphalt sand) on the spiral blades advances the machine. The drawbar controls the direction of travel.

hydraulic kerb paver with different moulds

Hydraulic kerb paver with different moulds

Different shape of extruding tybe kerb making machine

Different shape of extruding tybe kerb making machine

Kerb shape and size it according to the mold. Mold can be customized 1 one day. Maximam size is 35*35mm.The smaller size the harder to make.

If you need other shape, please contact us to design and custom.

Kerb working site

Highway side working site

kerb equipment

kerb equipment

Other Kerb equipment:

Bigger type concrete kerb machine

Bigger type concrete kerb machine

big concrete curb working site

Big kerb paving machine