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Extruded curb machine for Embankment-Concrete faced rockfill dam

Model No. JYJ-400
Power Diesel 75Kw
Workable curb size 760w*400h
Working speed 1-3m/min
Mold size customized
Applicable material Concrete
Hopper volume 0.4m3
Dimension 4950*1960*1600mm
Weight 2600kg

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Extruded curb machine for Embankment-Concrete faced rockfill dam is a special designed machine for dam lining work. It can form concrete curb on dam surface layer by layer.No need to set wood mold by workers. Saving manpower and saving time.

extruded curb machine for embankment
Extruded curb size

The extruded curb size is a little different according to different dams. 760mm/720mm/710mm all can be customized.Normally in 400mm hign. Slope 1:1:4.

extruded kerb machine for embankment
Extruded kerb machine for embankment

The JYJ400 curb machine adopts auger blades to squeeze concrete into back mold then forming concrete curbs continuously. 75kw diesel generator provides enough power for the extruding and moving system. The kerb machine can move automatically. Direction steering controlled by workers.

Model No.JYJ-400
PowerDiesel 75Kw 
Workable curb size760w*400h
Working speed1-3m/min
Mold sizecustomized
Applicable materialConcrete
Hopper volume0.4m3
Height adjustinghydraucli system control
Steering controlsensor control or hand control (with remote control panal)
JRY-400  curb machine
JRY-400 for dam construction
extruded kerb machine
Concrete faced rock fill dam

Attention should be paid during construction: 

Extruded curb machine for Embankment-Concrete faced rockfill dam

1. Adjust the body of the side wall extruder to make it in a horizontal state.

2. Check the tire height of the side wall extruder to make the kerb height meet the design requirements. Side wall extruder is a kind of mechanical equipment used for concrete side wall extrusion construction. It is mainly composed of rear wheel, forming silo, mixing cage silo, power silo, hydraulic system and front wheel steering mechanism. It is a new type of concrete construction machinery developed for the use of “side wall construction method”. It is widely used in the concrete slope protection of highway and railway filling engineering, the anti-skid concrete wall around buildings and mountains, as well as the concrete protection surface of rivers and lakes for flood control dykes and other occasions.

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