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Excavator Mounted Rock Splitter

ModelNo. YX-E160 YX-E200 YX- E250 YX- E300
Drilling diameter 76mm 102mm 115/130mm 115/130mm
Drilling depth 1035mm 1350mm 1350/1600mm 1350/1600mm
Wedge length 500/700mm 750/1000mm 750/1000mm 750/1000mm
Splitting force 1440~1680T 18002100T 26006200T 37507800T
Weight 300KG 530KG 820KG 930KG

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Excavator Mounted Rock Splitter applications:

Excavator Mounted Rock Splitter can be used in Large ore (metallic or non-metallic) mining, rock-breaking, large-scale concrete component dismantling ,quarry and other fields. It is widely used in some of the most challenging important construction and infrastructure projects, such as large shafts and tunnels (subway, highway, railway, etc.) open excavation, underground excavation works, ditches, building foundations and other rock excavation projects.

• Building Foundation

• City Rock Demolition

• Concrete Demolition

• Quarry

• Tunneling

• Underwater Rock Demolition

• Core Drill Demolition

Rock splitter working principle:

The splitting head is inserted into the pre-drilled hole, the hydraulic cylinder presses out the center wedge between the splitting heads, the wedge expands the splitting block (converts the axial force to the lateral force), and the rock is forced to crack.

rock splitter
Rock splitter with hand valve

Working steps of Rock splitting machine:

  1. Install wedges on splitter body.
  2. Connect hydraulic oil hose to excavator.Connect to excavator arm hoses or breaker hoses.
  3. Connect the chain on splitter and excavator.
  4. Put grease on wedges.
  5. Hanging the splitter and put it into holes .
  6. Splitting


ModelNo.Drilling diameter
Drilling depth
Wedge length
Splitting force
YX- E250115/130 1350/1600 750/10002600~6200820
YX- E300115/130 1350/1600 750/10003750~7800930

The splitter can use hydraulic oil from excavator or use hydraulic power station.

Rock splitter also can be customized according to customers drilling hole size, splitting force requets,etc.

Rock splitting machine
Rock splitting packing detail and grease

Before Rock splitting step,have to drilling holes on rocks,stones.You may need DTH (Down-the-hole) drilling machine or Drill rig modified from hydraulic excavator.

DTH drilling machine
DTH drilling machine

Other rock splitters:

Rock splitting rod-Plunger type

Rock splitting gun-hand held type

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