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Dry Shotcrete Machine

Model no PZ-6 PZ-7
Flow 6m3/h 7m3/h
Pressure 0.2Mpa-0.4Mpa 0.2-0.4Mpa
Air consumption 8-10m3/min 8-10m3/min
Power 5.5KW/380V 7.5KW/380V
Transmission distance 200M 200M
Transmission height 20M 20M
Maximum aggregate size 15mm 15mm
Outlet diameter 51mm 57mm
Weight 600KG   750KG
Dimension 1520*820*1280MM 1600*900*1370MM

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Dry shotcrete machine is also called gunite machine or dry mixed concrete spraying machine. 6~7 cubic meters per hour.Need to work with air compressor. Working site prepare dry power accelerator ,water and water pipeline(we can also provide together with the machine if you need)

We have 3 power type dry mixed shotcrete machine:

Electric power/ Diesel power/ Pneumatic power

different power dry shotcrte machine
Electric power/ Diesel power/ Pneumatic power

If you need bigger volume,can take 2~3 pcs dry shotcrete machine in a truck.Like belwo pictures:truck mounted shotcrete machine

truck mounted shotcrete machine

PZ-6/PZ-7 dry shotcrete machine:

PZ serial is rotor type shotcrete machine,main part is the rotor body and inside 10pcs materical chamber.

Dry shotcrete machine is smaller than wet type.

Dry type use dry power accelerator,wet type use liquid accelerator.

Dry type normally has dust around,wet type is dust free.

Dry type rebound is higher than wet type.

PZ-6 dry shotcrete machine
PZ-6 dry shotcrete machine-color can be customized
yellow shotcrete machine
PZ-6 shotcrete machine
Dry shotcrete machine with screw loading
Dry shotcrete machine with screw loading

Technical data of dry shotcrete machine:

Model noPZ-6PZ-7
Air consumption8-10m3/min8-10m3/min
Transmission distance200M200M
Transmission height20M20M
Maximum aggregate size15mm15mm
Outlet diameter51mm57mm
Weight600KG  750KG

Wearing parts of dry mix concrete spray machine:

Air compressor/screw loading/packing detail


  1. Delivery time within 3 days .We have stock. Customized type 7 days.
  2. Packing : plywood case
  3. Trade terms: EXW ,FOB,CIF,etc.
  4. Payment terms:T/T,LC.
  5. After sales: by videos, pictures or phon calls.

Other type shotcrete machines:

Wet type

Diesel type

Pneumatic type

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