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Slipform Curb & Gutter Paving machine HMJ-2000

Model No: HMJ-2000 Capacity: width≤2000mm,Height≤500mm
Hopper volume: 1m³ Anti-rolling device: Options (need extra charge)
Unloaded weight: 6100kg Dimension: 4700*2700*2500mm
Forming method: vibrating rod wheels: diameter 88mm,more stable
Vibrating power: 1.5kw*2pcs Vibrating rod: 50 vibrator*2pcs

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HMJ-2000 Truck mounted slipform curb & gutter paving machine :

HMJ-2000 Slipform curb and gutter paving machine is slipforming type,using Vibrating rod and slipform mold to produce curbs.Similar with HMJ-600 /1000.But bigger and more powerful.2500 meters per day.

Except paving concrete curb, HMJ-2000 can also pave small concrete ditch and gutter,ditch size better under 1.5m wide and 0.4m high.

Features of slipfrom curb and gutter paver:

1.Max workable width:1.5m,max height:0.4m

2.Truck mounted,concrete tanker feeding directly.

3.Mold can move up and down,left and right freely

4.With screw loading function, feeding faster.

5. Multipul usage: Curb,ditch both workable.

HMJ-2000 concrete curb and gutter paving  machine
HMJ-2000 concrete curb and gutter paving machine
curb & gutter machine
Details of curb and gutter machine

Specifications of concrete curb & gutter machine:

Model No:HMJ-2000
Diesel generator:CHANGCHAI 62kw/electric start/water cooling
Working speed:0.9m-16m/min
Forming method:vibrating rod
Vibrating power:1.5kw*2pcs
Vibrating rod:50 vibrator*2pcs
Anti-rolling device:Options (need extra charge)
Walking drive typeAll-wheel drive
Automatic steering:Manual steering wheel
Screw feeding:High torque hydraulic motor direct connection
Hopper volume:1m³
Wheels:diameter 88mm,more stable
Unloaded weight:6100kg

Accessories of concrete curb and gutter paver:

Leveling bracket1set0.5m iron chain3pcs
Steering bracket1setParasol1pcs
Leveling sensor1setTow bar1pcs
steering sensor1setTow bar connection1pcs
1.5kw vibrator2pcsSquare steel base10set
50 vibrator2setTrowel1pcs
Feeding chute1pcsTools 1set

Applications of concrete curb machine and concrete gutter machine:

Concrete curb paver
Concrete curb paver
Road side curbing machine
Road side curbing machine
concrete kerb paver
concrete kerb paver
Concrete curb slipform paver
Concrete slipform curb and gutter paving machine
HMJ-2000 Slipform curb &gutter machine
HMJ-2000 loading into container

Other type curb machines:

1.LSD-250/LSD-350 extruded curb machine

2.HMJ-600/HMJ-1000 Slipform type concrete curb machine

Ditch and gutter paving machine:

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