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Concrete Spray Machine

Product name: Dry Shotcrete machine Wet shotcrete machine
Brand Sinch Sinch
Model Number: PZ-6 GSP-7
Flow(m³/h): 6m3/h 6~7m3/h
Air Pressure: 0.2-0.4Mpa 0.6~0.8MPa
Power: 5.5Kw/380V/50hz 7.5Kw/380V/50hz
Conveydistance/height: 100m/20m 30m/20m
Maximum aggregate size: 15mm 15mm
Outlet diameter: 51mm 57mm
Weight: 600KG 900KG
Dimension: 1520*820*1280mm 2000*900*1300mm
Air consumption: 8-10m3/min 10-15m3/min
Accelerator feeding capacity: 0 0-108L/H

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Concrete Spray Machine

Concrete spray machine Introduction:

Concrete spray machine, is a new type and high efficiency spraying machinery, mainly suitable for the section concrete spraying operation of section. It has reasonable structure, humanized design, reliable performance, convenient operation and maintenance, and long service life. Dust-free, low noise and low resilient rate when working.

different concrete spray machine

Shotcrete machine different type

The working principle of concrete sprayer:

The equipment uses a rotor pump to deliver the concrete to the nozzle through the pipeline, and the concrete is sprayed to the wall of the sprayed tunnel by the compressed air along with the accelerator agent.

concrete spray machine structure

Shotcrete machine structure


1.Widely used in engineering construction, mines, tunnels, culverts, subway, hydropower projects, underground projects and coal bog mine roadway shotcrete construction operations.

2.Spray molding or repair of refractory materials for all kinds of industrial furnaces and kilns and lining.

3.Soil transportation and spraying during all kinds of slope protection and greening construction.

4.This machine can be used for wet spraying, dry spraying and all kinds of fiber spraying.

concrete spray machine application

concrete spray machine application

Two type of shotcrete spray machine:

Concrete spray machine including dry shotcrete machine and wet shotcrete machine.

Dry shotcrete machine is for dry mixed concrete including cement sand stone,or damp mixed concrete,which needs to add water on nozzle before spraying out.

Wet shotcrete machine is for wet mixed concrete spraying work, which needs to adding quick setting agent on nozzle before spray out.

Product Dry Shotcrete Machine Wet Shotcrete Machine
Equipment flexibility Small size, easy to move Bigger size,relatively
Resilient rate High Low
The efficiency of construction Low High
Construction environment More dust Less dust
Project Small Big
Price Low High

Advantages and disadvantage:

Dry shotcrete machine:

Advantages: The equipment is relatively small and flexible, and the price is relatively cheap.

Disadvantages: The quality of shotcrete fluctuates greatly (manually controlled water addition), high resilient rate (large waste), low efficiency of construction and relatively bad construction environment. Dry shotcrete machine is more suitable for small quantity engineering.

Wet shotcrete machine:

Advantages: The quality of shotcrete is stable, high efficiency of construction and low resilient rate.

Disadvantages: Equipment investment is relatively large. Wet shotcrete is more suitable for large quantity engineering.

Three different power type of concrete sprayer:

Electric power

Diesel power

Pneumatic power

electric concrete spray machine

electric shotcrete machine specifications

Diesel concrete spray machine

Diesel shotcrete machine specifications

Pneumatic concrete sprayer

Pneumatic shotcrete machine specifications

shotcrete spare parts

shotcrete spare parts

shotcrete machine packing

shotcrete machine packing

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