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Concrete Dam Slope Paving Machine

Product name Dam Slope paving machine
Power 1.5KW*4
Working width 5m
Working length as requests
Concrete thickness 5~40mm
Weight 300kg
Dimension 5.5*0.6*0.5m

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Concrete dam slope paving machine, concrete face dam protection layer lining machine.Automatic lifting, automatic vibrating . Working width 5m~15m customized, paving from slope bottom to top.

Canal slope paving machine
Canal slope paving machine

Slope paver is a paving and forming equipment for pouring concrete on the slope of river and channel.

concrete dam lining machine
concrete dam lining machine
 Concrete faced rockfill dam paver
Concrete faced rockfill dam paver
Reservoir dam slipfrom machine
Reservoir dam slipfrom machine

Longitudinal slipform construction shall be carried out based on the expansion joint. The equipment realizes the paving of longitudinal concrete slope from bottom to top through two winches.

At the top of the slope, space is needed to fix the pile position of the hoist.

Concrete is directly transported to the slope by hand or concrete truck.

Concrete Dam Slope Paving Machine can be customized according to your detailed requests.

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