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Asphalt Curb Machine

Product Name Asphalt Curbing machine
Model No. LSD-S
Power Diesel engine 15HP(hand start)
Suitable material Aspalt,concrete
Max curb size 35*35cm
Min curb size 12*10cm
Working speed 2-3m/min
Hopper volume 0.2CBM
Weight  450KG
Dimension 1.7*1.1*1.2m

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Asphalt Curb Machine is small and compact,easy to use,1200m/day.Extrued curb in high density.Low wear and tear,only replace 1 auger blade is ok.

Asphalt curb paving machine
Asphalt curb paving machine
Curb extruder
Curb extruder-4 pcs to Xinjiang
Auger blade and tools
Auger blade and tools

Features: The slipform curb stone has high strength, good flatness, straight line shape, beautiful appearance and good overall stability.

The curb stone (roadside stone) sliding mold forming machine is compact, easy to operate, reliable in operation, high in cost performance, and can realize stepless speed regulation between 1.3 and 2.6 m/min to adapt to different working conditions, 8 hours per day can be guaranteed Spread 1KM.

Asphalt Curb Machine working video

Advantages of the water barrier forming machine:
1. It is not only possible to lay kerbstone on the water stable layer, but also to directly construct the curb on the asphalt road.
2. Not only dry hard cement concrete but also cast-in-place cement concrete can be used.
3. In comparison, the pavable shoulder stone is wider and the curb is higher.
4. Low wear and tear, resulting in long continuous operation time.
5. Higher density (not easy to collapse).
6. The working speed can be as fast as 2.6m/min.

asphalt working site
Asphalt curb working site
Asphalt working site
Asphalt curb working site

Asphalt curb machine can also making concrete curb.Concrete will wear the blade sooner than asphalt.You can order more blades together with the machine.