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About Sinch Machinery-Henan Sinch Machinery Co.,Ltd is located in Jiaozuo City,Henan Province,China. Mainly produce concrete machinery : concrete canal making machine, concrete ditch lining machine,concrete curb machine,concrete spraying machine,concrete shot blasting machine and other related products.

sinch shotcrete machine
shotcrete machine in factory
sinch canal making machine
Canal making machine in factory

Except providing machinery,we can arrange technician go to your working site do the installation and technical guidance.If you need other machinery,we can help you to search from China with realiable quality and good price.

canal paver
canal paver delivery
Slipform curb machine delivery
Slipform curb machine delivery

Sinch Concrete Machinery is widely used in Tunnel and mining project, Road construction project, Irrigation and drainage project.For example:  tunnel lining shotcrete machine, tunnel support beam bending machine, tunnel reinforcement grout pumps,mine lining concrete spray machine, road curb machines, highway asphalt curb paving machine,road side canal and ditch canal making machine, farmland or garden irrigation ditch lining machine.

about Sinch machinery applications
Sinc machinery applications

With stable performance and customized unique applications,Sinch concrete machinery has been delivery to all provinces in China and exported to many other countries.We can customize the machine according to your working site situation and special requests,make the machine fits your project well and save your manpower. Further more, our experienced technicians can provide professional solutions to you for free. 24*7 free technical consulting.

about Sinch machinery
Ditch paver ready to go

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